What to Look for when Choosing a Vacation Hotel.

Going for a vacation is one of the best feelings in the world because all you are going to do is have fun, but staying at a bad hotel, can sometimes limit our experience.  Choosing the right hotel to stay at will greatly determine how much fun you can have and how comfortable your trip will be. Can you imagine how enjoyable a vacation at the hotel central jakarta     can be? Therefore, how can you know which hotel is good or bad for a vacation?

Factors to consider.


  • The Hotel’s Ratings and Reviews.


The higher the rating of a hotel the more expensive and luxurious a hotel is assumed to be. Going for a vacation means a time of fun and so a hotel with a lower rating is likely to limit how much fun you can have. It is also very important to read the reviews of other customers about that hotel to get to know some of the negative and positive feedbacks about their stay. This should however not be the reviews posted on the hotel’s website since these reviews will be biased but rather on sites about travels and accommodations. This will greatly help in making a decision.


  • Services offered by the Hotel.


To have a fun time in during your stay at a hotel, it is crucial that the hotel offers numerous services. Look into basic services like availability of free wi-fi in the rooms, ample space for parking, facilities in place for the children to have fun, availability of a swimming pool and even offering of free breakfast. Such services provide value for your money and make your stay more enjoyable. It is therefore important to research on the services offered by the hotel before booking it.


  • Location of the hotel.


A vacation means travelling and touring different sites for enjoyment. Choosing a hotel that is located close to where you are touring will save you a lot of money and stress. The location also determines if the environment is noisy and busy or quiet. A noisy hotel may not be ideal if you are on a vacation to escape city life or while on a romantic getaway vacation.


  • State of the Rooms.


It is important to know the type of rooms or suites that a hotel offers before booking. This helps to know if the hotel offers family rooms, if the rooms has a single king size bed or two. It would a big disappointment if a family on vacation books a hotel only to realize that the hotel does not have family rooms or the room assigned has only one king size bed.  It’s also important to know the state of their bathrooms incase they are shared or each room has its own washroom.


  • Cost.


Your budget determines the kind of hotel hat you will book. It is better to book a cheaper hotel that offers more services and activities rather than over-spending on a fancy hotel that offers less activities. It is however advisable to look into the state and quality of the hotel since as the saying goes, cheap is expensive.


  • Additional Fees.


It can be so embarrassing if you are unable to pay for some activities offered at a hotel after promising your children simply because you thought it was free. Some services offered in vocational hotels may be charged separately from the accommodation costs. This may be charges for a children’s water slide or even paying for a newspaper! It is therefore important to look into such costs before booking a hotel so that you can incorporate it in your budget.


Choosing the perfect hotel like the Ayana Midplaza hotel, for your vacation assures you of a peaceful and enjoyable vacation. It is therefore important to do your research before settling on one hotel.  Do not let your hotel ruin your vacation!