Use The New Features Of Virtual Classroom Software To Host A Webinar

Modern software developers and engineers have come up with the most advanced virtual classroom software that has advanced features that will help you to host a webinar accurately and successfully. The webinar 4.0 is very helpful for the customers who will enjoy live as well as recorded features and parts in their webinars. The features are also useful to keep the contents updated and even refer to data and events that are not current any longer.Hosting pre-recorded webinars has become a crucial part of any successful webinar strategy. It encourages more transparency with the audience with a real person always there to engage them.

Get All Questions Answered

Using the best features of modern webinar tools you can easily engage experts personally with the audience. Throughput the entire webinar this will enable you to get all questions answered with more one-on-one conversation, live or recorded. This will grow your business and knowledge. These features are easytouse and tailored specifically for the small business users.

Features such as Private Presenter Chat will enable you to have your very own “backchannel.” This will help you to communicate easily and confidently during a webinar and know about the feedback and the future steps to take and allow better coordination amongst the multiple moderators and presenters.

Private Chat And Performance Report

This is another feature for webinar rebranding that will allow attendees to ask questions of presenters.  The private questions of the attendees will easily designate their chat messages and the presenters can reply back to the individual attendee privately. On the other hand, the webinar performance report will enable you to overview the attendees at a higher level. This will add to the value of the presentation and provide you with a better webinar experience like never before and grow your business.

Default Features In Registration Forms

There are a few default features included in the registration forms such as the phone number of a person. When you get a notification of a new registration to your webinar by default, the phone number included also by default will enable you to call them right away. The ezTalks Webinar feature will give you a complete picture and allow you to know how well the webinar went. With the Invitation to Recording feature you can now focus even better on all those people associated with your webinar whether they are invited or registered attendees of your webinar.