Top Hotel Industry Trends to Watch Out For

The hotel industry is one of the most vibrant sectors in the hospitality realm. It provides an exciting experience for both employees and travelers. This industry has experienced massive growth over the years and with numerous advancements in the world today, travelers can expect new trends every year. Below are some of the hotel industry trends that promise to linger around for many years to come.

·Desire for a Local Experience and Technology

The world today is experiencing an influx in the young traveler, a passionate and dedicated individual who is committed to explore the world of travel to the maximum. Unlike in the past when people hardly traveled for pleasure, the new generation of travelers today travel to relax and enjoy fun times.

Technology has played a major role in this increase especially due to the growth of social media platforms. There has been massive development in the hotel industry courtesy of technology. Today, different hotels can promote their brand on various social media platforms and this heightens the desire to discover new places for the travel enthusiast.

Social media particularly has been instrumental in boosting performance of the hotel industry. More and more travelers today are eager to enjoy the local experience. That is, eat local food and participate in local activities. As technology advances, this trend is set to stand the test of time.

·More Connectivity

The advent of mobile phones made communication convenient and easy. Today, hotel visitors do not need to directly call the concierge or front desk to have their concerns addressed. Guests can have a one on one communication with the hotel staff either through text messages or via the hotel’s mobile applications.

This is an advancement that many hotels are adopting in order to give their guests an outstanding experience. Many guests in future will of course look out for hotel facilities with the best connectivity options to make their stay at the hotel as smooth as possible.

·Technologically Compliant Hotel Rooms

In the quest to go down in the books of history as the hotel with the best services, guests can expect to see top-notch amenities that surpass Wi-Fi connectivity and iPads for use while at the hotel. Various hotels are today experimenting with smart rooms. This lifetime experience will allow guests to carry out various operations such as; adjusting room temperature and lighting and changing television channels from the comfort of their mobile phones.

Some hotels are also trying to adopt the voice activated technology to give their guests a more personalized experience.

·Tough Cancellation Policies

According to, there will more stringent cancellation policies. Unlike in the past when guests could make free reservation changes, it will be more difficult for guests to change or cancel their reservations without financial penalties.

In addition, various facilities have extended the window period for making reservation changes from 24 hours prior to check-in to 72 hours. However, this will depend on the guest’s hotel of choice. As a guest, it is important to understand these policies while making reservations in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and loss of money.

·Actual-time Compensation

With the increased use of social media platforms, guests can easily complain if and when they are dissatisfied. A delay in responding to such complaints can cause untold damage to hotels and this is something they want to avoid.

Hotels must adopt swift communication practices, respond to their guests concerns and engage them via their official social media platforms. This will help them uphold a positive relationship with their customers which will have an impact on subsequent bookings.

·Exclusive Perks

Travelers are today spoiled for choice due to the numerous captivating hotel destinations to choose from. Therefore, hotels should come up with a unique way to remain ahead of their competitors and attract more customers.

Some facilities have resulted to giving away free perks such as buy one drink get one free, discounts on early bookings, free game drives, and exciting activities to participate in.


As the current generation becomes more passionate about travel and discovery, hotels have a big responsibility ahead to make their facilities the hotel of choice. They can do so by adopting some of the above mentioned trends. Additionally, having a robust and responsive customer service department goes a long way in boosting the hotel’s performance and increasing profits.