This One Technique Will Work On Any Woman

If you’ve been with many women then you probably know that they all get turned on by different things during intimacy. One woman might like a certain spot or a certain position while another woman might totally be turned off by it.

What makes it more complicated is that what they are feeling at that moment will affect what they enjoy that night. Or even what’s she has going on dating sites in shropshire. Even what happens to her during that day will affect what she likes that night.

And even though that is the case, there is still one technique that you can use that will work on EVERY woman, EVERY time, no matter her mood or stage in life.

It’s not how big you are in the penis department. It doesn’t depend on how long you last in bed.

I mean it’s important to learn how to last long enough so that you can fully satisfy her, but a man can last all night long and still not satisfy his woman. It’s not the speed you use.

When I first came to the realization that what works on one woman didn’t mean it would work on other women, I wanted to figure out if there was one thing that would work on all women.

And of course asking her about it wouldn’t work.

Asking her is a huge turnoff and honestly, most women don’t really know what turns them on in the bedroom.

So they never realized that there are certain things that could take them higher than they have ever imagined. Much higher than they have ever gone through masturbation.

So what is this technique that works for all women?

This one technique is comprised of two words. And no it isn’t the legendary G Spot. This one tip that works on all women. This is one thing that all women wish that every single man would do.

Here’s what this technique is…

Pay Attention.

It’s very simple yet a lot of men don’t ever get it correct.

You have to listen to her breathing and the tension in her muscles, you have to be able to feel and decode all of the messages that her body is sending you. You can’t do that with your brain.

You can’t “figure it out.”

You’ll need to use your whole body to pay attention and connect with her.

This way, you will know EXACTLY what to do, and EXACTLY how to do it for ANY woman. Women like to drop hints unlike men.

She may say, “faster, faster” but if you think that is all she means, you are very wrong. And like I said earlier, a lot of women don’t realize what will really turn them on over 50s dating.

This can be the perfect time for you to tease her more by not giving her what she wants. To understand what a woman wants when she’s in bed with you, you have to listen and pay attention to what her body is telling you.

When she is able to find a guy like that, it’s as if she has found a man that can read her mind on shropshire dating site. She will feel that you are the PERFECT LOVER that was made just for her. One that she has been fantasizing about for so long.

When you understand this concept, you’ll realize that it’s not just what you learn to do by paying attention, but that the very act of becoming totally absorbed in her brings you both into a state of amazing connected intimacy.

In this state, you open up possibilities of pleasure that cannot be reached by touch alone.