Things to Consider Before You 1st Meet Your Online Date   

All set for that special date? Maybe yes… or…maybe not!

Online dating can be fun, but it can also be scary. There are many cases of looting and even of beating reported on first meet through online dating sites.  Here’s a quick little list for you to check out before you set off on your special date.

Tell a Friend – First and foremost, always make sure someone knows where you’re going and who with. This is just a matter of safety. Jot down the address where you’re going to meet and a telephone number.  Also tell the name of dating service. You will meet all kind of people online whether they are paid or free dating sites. Sometimes you may think on paid services, you are safe from cheaters but it is not necessary to be always true.  After all, you’re meeting a stranger, no matter how many hours the two of you have chatted online. Also, meet in a public place as well. A restaurant or mall are perfectly good settings to meet your first date. That way, if you get bad vibes from this online stranger you’re meeting, there are plenty of people around if you decide to call things off.

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Dress and Appearance – It’s important that you look great on a first date. It’s not just so you look physically appealing to your date, but so you’ll feel confident, as well. Don’t go out looking shabby. Wear something nice, crisp, and clean and wrinkle free. Furthermore, don’t wear something you’re not comfortable in. Even if it looks nice, if you don’t wear it well, you won’t give a good first impression. If you don’t normally wear cloths filled with frills and polka dots, now is probably not the time to start. After all, you met your date online; unlike someone you met at work or out on the town, this is your only shot at making a first visual impression. I always prefer dresses of my choices that make me happy; Match Me Happy with my date. You also should try this.

Smell Nice – Wear a nice, subtle cologne or perfume. An attractive smell is a big part of your first impression, so you should make sure you’re wearing a nice body odor. Don’t wear anything overpowering, though, because that is a turn-off to certain dates.

Mints are your friend – Along the same lines, if you intend on getting close to your date, remember breath mints are you friend. Not only do they freshen breath, they do it without the obnoxious chomping provided by gum. After all We Love Dates for some reason, all of us! Don’t us?

Bring Cash – It’s a good idea to go Dutch on a first date, just so there aren’t any bitter feelings, hidden pressures or unrealistic expectations. Even if you expect your date to pay, you’re going to want some money on hand. What if he sneaks out the bathroom window? That’s a joke, of course, but what if he forgets his wallet? More likely, what if you decide to call off the date early for some reason? Cab fare is a good thing, because you don’t want to be riding with an angry date. The important thing to remember is that you bring enough cash so that you are in charge of any situation you’re uncomfortable with.

Stay Calm – Finally, when it comes to looking great, keep it nonchalant. Calm your nerves before meeting up with your date. Don’t be nervous or set an uncomfortable tone. Exercise just before you start getting ready for your date (that is, before you take your shower), to burn off excess nervous energy. Take a calm walk, if nothing else.

Once you’re dressed and ready, wait in a comfortable environment. Make sure you are sweating or cold. Go to the restroom just prior to the date arriving. Watch a television show that calms you, or listen to calming music. Be alert, but be as calm as possible to start your date.