These are the cities that know how to welcome travelers

Everyone likes to feel good at the place they travel and feel they embrace them and they can get in touch with the locals, whatever happens. If this is a priority for you at your destination, the list below will help.

A big agency analyzed the top 500 destinations in the world and managed to find out whether they are creating a friendly mood and a sense of hospitality and welcome to their guests. Taking into account the level of local well-being, the friendly atmosphere at the airport, the willingness to accommodate tourists and the extent to which locals speak English – the third language most used in the world

Orlando, FL

Orlando is home to the best state-of-the-art hotels and is a city renowned and hospitable, mainly because of Disney World, which makes it both small and old to dream. In 2019, Disney will also open a Star Wars theme park, and a corresponding hotel for movie fans.

Zurich, Switzerland

One of the safest cities in the world, Switzerland’s largest city and economic capital, welcomes travelers to one of the world’s finest airports, with nine lounges, as well as a separate arrival lounge with a shower and a breakfast buffet.

Oslo, Norway

It is known, despite what most people believed earlier, that the Scandinavian citizens are happy. Norway, however, hosts the happiest people and along with them hotels such as The Thief in the city center, which has an important collection of artworks, an excellent rooftop bar, a restaurant and an oasis for travelers.


The archipelago of Indonesia is worldwide famous for its hospitality. Due to the massive increase of tourism, the locals found it really easy to show their good manners. If you have stayed at a Komodo resort and felt like a king, you absolutely agree that the Indonesians are so kind.

Tokyo, Japan

The best city in the world offers everything to its tourists: historic temples, impressive skyscrapers, special neighborhoods and some of the world’s finest restaurants with Michelin star.

Lisbon, Portugal

The truth is that the colorful Lisbon is in itself impressive and friendly, with its picturesque roofs, colors, tiles, buildings … Moreover, it is a city for every kind of traveler, while its museums and even more music fado is capable of telling every traveler.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The central station of the city, Rotterdam Centraal, is such a special place in Rotterdam, where you will find people sitting there, even if not waiting for a train, always ready for socializing. In addition, the famous Instagram yellow cubes, Kubuswoningen, where everyone can rent through Airbnb.

San Francisco, California

After Lilou, the piggy-pounder used to relax the stressed travelers at San Francisco Airport, the city is preparing to welcome the Ice Cream Museum in February 2018, creating the best conditions for travelers.

Helsinki, Finland

According to the experts, those who deal with tourism worship the southern capital of Finland. What seem to welcome travelers to the city is mainly the many public saunas, including the traditional Kotiharju Sauna.

Stockholm, Sweden

Fika is the Swedish tradition that wants someone to enjoy life with the presence of coffee and snacks. Perhaps, indeed, it is also one of the reasons why Swedes are among the happiest people on the planet and where visitors feel at home.


Changi International Airport with butterfly gardens, swimming pool, cinema and one of the finest food markets in Singapore probably plays its role in welcoming travelers to the island of Malaysia.