The Best Time for the Criminal Lawyers

As a lawyer you need a continuous increase in new clients. Online marketing helps you to be found outside of existing offline channels. You will be approached by people who would never have found you without a website.

Is the online basis in order?

Your website is the basis of your online communication. It is a shame to invest a lot of time and money in online marketing if your website is out of order. Even if your content or your campaign is genius, if people end up on a crappy website, they will not do business with you.

We speak to a lot of law firms and we also come across enough who only use the website as an online brochure or calling card. That’s a shame, because you leave many options unused.

How do you check whether your website meets the requirements for 2016? First take a critical look at your website and check whether it fits your office. Sometimes a law firm has changed enormously in recent years, but the website has remained exactly the same. With the cheap criminal defense lawyers this happens important.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Also check if your website works well on a phone and tablet. A handy tool for this is Google’s mobile-friendly test . Remember that this is just a tool. Also always test whether your website can be used on a smartphone. Can you easily navigate through the site? Are all texts easily readable and do you not have to zoom in?

Website checklist

We have created a checklist that you can use to check whether your website meets the requirements of search engine optimization (SEO), user friendliness and content.

Your ideal client, who is that?

Drawing up Persona To be found by your ideal client you must first know who he (or she) is. In marketing terms we call such an ideal customer a ‘persona’ or ‘calibration person’. When creating a persona, combine the knowledge that exists within your office with new knowledge that you can gather online.

Use AdWords and Bing Ads

Use Google AdWords and Bing Ads to gain insight into your client’s online search behavior. To be found well in the organic result (SEO) in Google, time is needed.

An important aspect that is often forgotten is that advertising in search engines gives you direct feedback on keywords. You can then use this knowledge for SEO purposes.

Be found, convince and convert

You can roughly describe three goals that you want to achieve with your website. The first goal is online findability. You want to be found, for example in Google, by your ideal client. On your website you want to show that you can solve your client’s problem. You want to inform the website visitor but also want to convince you that you are the best choice and not your competitor.