Innovations for the Future of Manufacturing 

Back to the Future: The Siegmund WorkStation

Quantum Machinery is a California-based mechanical distributor that carries only the highest-quality construction tools. They now have 2 facilities in Mira Loma, including a showroom for their inventory. QMG offers all machine tools and parts. They have 3 different sized welding tables available; 16mm, 22mm, and 28mm.  Upon request, they will now be offering the Siegmund Workstation, an all-in-one workstation that is a welding table, sawing table, and drilling surface.


  • The Overall Tabletop Size: 1200x800x12mm (47.24”x31.5”x0.47”
  • Welding Table Series: Professional Extreme x8.9 Series
  • Welding Table Material Thickness: Approx. 12mm (0.47)
  • Borehole: 16mm(0.629”)
  • All Siegmund System 16 Accessories are compatible with Workstation
  • Overall the Workstation provides a space of 600mm (24.6”) on the left side and 180.. (7”0 on the right side for drawers.

Welding Table Accessory Kit Includes

  • 4 – Basic Screw Clamp (Burnished)
  • 12 – Fast Clamping Short Bolt (Burnished)
  • 8 – Universal Stop 115L (Nitrided)
  • 4 – Stop And Clamping Square 90L (Nitrided)
  • 1 – Eccentric Stop 75mm with M10 Thread
  • 1 – Allen Wrench 4mm
  • 1 – Eccentric Stop 75mm with M10 Thread
  • 1 – Oilstone 150x50x25mm
  • 1 – Burner Holder (Burnished)
  • 1 – Eccentric Stop 75mm with M10 Thread

This Workstation is the future of home or professional metalworking. You can weld, saw and drill at your own discretion. It comes equipped with a durable, through-hardened steel plate that can handle any work you can throw at it. The Siegmund Workstation comes with 3 removable surfaces, making dirt and welding scrap easily removed. There’s optional drawer space on either side of the workplace to store your tools while you’re working. This all-in-one home workplace table is the last thing you’ll ever need to buy.

The Workstation is a revolutionary workbench that will help workers from all walks of life complete their projects in a manageable space. It’s crafted by industry leaders, Siegmund.  With a striking, sleek design, it is a premium product for a premium price. After the Workstation, the only limiting factor is your imagination. The Siegmund Workstation stands on a combined foot and caster system that gives it easy mobility. Additional add-ons and accessories are available through Quantum Machinery’s sales services.

Quantum Machinery Group aims to fulfill all the needs of a project from home handyman to foreman. They have products to suit your essential, basic or sophisticated machinery projects. They consistently have the widest variety of products, with brand-new equipment as well as an in-house turnkey system to create parts for existing machines. They are on the forefront of a very exciting industry will many new opportunities ahead.