How Will The Internet Of Things Impact The Construction Industry In 2019?

As we welcome the new advances in information technology, it also offers wonderful solutions that don’t only improve overall productivity but also works great in improving overall efficiency, better automation, and effective decision-making. These are just some of the few aspects that are slowly changing how the construction industry handles their tasks.

For investors, it’s important to put attention on research that would allow them to discover ways on how to keep up with these technological advances.

For example, when it comes to traffic safety, are they already aware that there are plastic jersey barriers with sensors that could easily communicate with autonomous vehicles and wearables that can detect if there are sudden changes in the body temperature of the wearer.

Here are the 4 futuristic construction technologies that would reshape how we build things.

1. 4D and 5D BIM

With its advantages, more and more people are getting interested in BIM technology, especially now that a lot of construction companies are implementing its use on construction projects. Some of the few potential benefits that you can enjoy from this include faster and more affordable life cycle costs.

It’s also worth noting that as the technology supporting this approach continues to improve, the traditional processes will soon be challenged, and that would trigger them to finally embrace technology that would allow them to create digital simulations of the physical objects, and this can be very helpful later on.

2. The Use of Robots for Efficiency

Robots are being utilized to resolve the issue of technology gaps as they offer skills, drive down costs, and best of all, accelerate the speed of completion of the project. No more questions regarding the shortage of laborers.

To support that, a recent report even shows that in the future, we can expect that construction technology would reach 99 billion dollars as more and more sectors would be significantly influenced by it.

It’s slowly overtaking the use of manual machines as robots are considerably faster and produce accurate results. For that, they are now being utilized for their cost-saving characteristics.

3. Big Data Concept

This refers to the vast amount of information being stored in the past and continues to be stored up-to-date. With technology, experts profoundly believe that this data has the possibility of being sustainably used as it would also boost efficiency not only in the construction but other sectors as well. The source of significant information is quite vast– this can be computers, machines, sensors, and many more.

In the construction industry, something like this already exists, and it’s definitely a lot of help as it becomes easier to control big equipment, such as cranes, earth moves, and material supply chains. For that reason, big data continue to gain more and more popularity every year.

4. IoT Technology

Last, but definitely not least, would be the Internet of Things. This technology is being utilized to accurately monitor and measure the performance of assets over a certain period of time. What benefit does it give? It enhances the accuracy of capturing data.