How to Determine the Value of Pearls? Are They Worthy Investment for Resale?

Pearl value varies radically because of aspects like size, surface quality, luster, color, and more. Wild pearls carry huge price tag in comparison to cultured pearls. On average, the value of pearls ranges from $300 – $1500.

  • Wild pearls

Pearls are formed in sea oysters. The divers have to dive deep towards the ocean surface for finding this natural gemstone. They are rarely found on ocean surface these days, so are extremely expensive.

  • Cultured pearls

Pearliculture technique is applied. The pearls are formed naturally just like wild pearls but with a little help from humans. It is a blend of nature and human effort. Cultured pearls are real but less rare than wild pearls.

You can see photos of how the wild and cultured pearls differ on

Factors that determine wild and cultured pearls value

  • Type – Pearls found in south sea are largest and most valuable.
  • Size – Large pearls carry more value.
  • Shape – Rounder pearls hold more value like the Akoya.
  • Surface quality – More blemishes on pearl surface means less value.
  • Color – Tahitian pearls hold exotic dark color, so hold good value.
  • Luster – Fresh water pearls are less lustrous than saltwater pearls, so hold less value.

Pearl jewelry value depends on the kind. For example, earrings with two pearls is inexpensive than pearl necklaces featuring number of pearls. Pearls are durable and hold fair value. If taken care of well can be passed down to future generation and be turned into a valuable heirloom piece.

Are pearls smart investment?

Higher quality means more durable the pearls. It also indicates you are investing in a jewelry that can turn into a family legacy for generations. If you cannot invest in a high-quality pearl rope than choose a pearl choker or cocktail rings. It will be a lifelong investment, which will never be neglected.

Resale value of pearls

Resale value of pearl jewelry is tough and depends on whom you sell. For example, the pawn store owner will offer 50% or less than the assessed value because he desires to resell it for profit. So, he pays less to customers than its worth. The other aspect that can affect overall resale value is possible overtime degradation.

Mikimoto is a recognized brand name but again people may try to invest in a vintage Mikimoto pearl jewelry for cheap instead of getting a new strand. In auction, some pearls with historical significance or owned by celebrities or are rare can be valued astronomically.

Ignore the talk of pearl value but buy them to look beautiful and classy!