How Much is a Standing Desk?

The question about the cost of purchasing a standing desk does not have a direct answer. This is because it depends on the size of the desk, the place of origin, the specification that comes with each product, among other things. Specifications such as weight, range, speed, weight capacity and materials used in making a desk will influence the overall price of your desk of choice.

There are the entry standing desk bases mostly manufactured from China that costs as little as $349. High-end models can sell to as much as $3000. In this post, I shall break these levels of electric standing desks and their different prices. Each cost that you will see is for the standard size, 30’’ by 60’’ or the closest brand for each alternative.

Entry Level Standing Desks

The first segment of standing desks is the entry level. Usually, products at this level will come at the lowest price. These products will help you enjoy the benefits of standing desks, although some may have a limited capacity of weight. Some may even have a short period of warranty, with some offering as low as 1 or 2 years of warranty.

Standing desks in this category will cost as low as $349. However, not all cheap is bad as you can still get a perfect standing desk in this category. One that I would recommend is the Autonomous SmartDesk 2. Starting at the cost of $399, SmartDesk 2 is very stable and also come with a warranty. It comes in two versions; the Home Edition and the Business Edition. The Business Edition comes with a 5-year warranty and has a higher adjustability speed as compared to other chairs. Sometimes you may be surprised to learn that it offers the same qualities as some high end standing desks.

Mid-Range Standing Desks

Desks in this section come with improved performance and better warranties because they have moved themselves to the higher side of competition. In fact, most standing desks in the mid-range desks have the same specs as those found in high-end desks if not better. This means that depending on your budget, you may opt to buy these mid-range standing desks.

Prices in this section vary from $550-$1000. Some of standing in this section include VertDesk -$588, Jarvis Desk – $615 and Uplift 900 Desk – $639 among others.

High-End Standing Desks

They say you get what you pay for, and this is true when it comes to this selection of standing desks. Great attention is given when building these products. The electronics are built from some of the recognized firms such as Logicdata and Linak. However, their prices are incredibly high, and so most people might not afford them. Their prices range between $1500 and $3000.

Some of the standing desk in this high-end category include New Height Elegante Desk at $1,546, NextDesk Terra Desk at $ 1,634, Steelcase Series 7 Desk at $1,871 among others.


Moving from sitting to a standing desk is very significant to your health. Standing desks have become popular due to their ability to help you switch between sitting and standing. We recommend you look for a desk that you can afford and one that is right for you. You will be amazed at whatever option you go for; your body will benefit a lot.