Guidelines for drawing vapor and enjoying an e-cigarette

E-cigs are different from traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are electronic devices which look like normal cigarettes but are quite different as far as their designing and technique of smoking are concerned. Traditional cigarettes are tobacco based whereas e-cigs uses e-liquids to get the nicotine effect.

Users of traditional cigarettes take short and quick drags whereas for enjoying the e-cigs it is important that user takes long and slow drags. Chain smoking is quite common in case of traditional smokers, whereas, e-cigs users are advised to take a break after 3-7 drags. Prolong usage of e-cigarettes may result in a sore throat and taste bud burns out.

How to take a puff from electronic cigarettes? Is smoking an e-cigar is the same as smoking a traditional cigarette? First-time users of e-cigarettes have many such queries. In order to enjoy an E-Cigarrette Club, it is important to follow the right process.

Steps for taking a drag from an e-cigarette

  1. Warm-up the e-cigarette: The very first step in drawing vapor from e-cig is to prepare or warm up the electronic cigarette. For this, the user has to keep e-cig in the mouth and take a quick inhale. This will initiate the heating of the filament or coil.
  2. Take a long and slow puff: The user should take a long and steady drag from the e-cig. The user should continue the drag until the individual’s mouth gets filled with vapor.
  3. Hold the vapor in the mouth: Before inhaling the vapors in the lungs, it is important to hold it for 3-5 seconds in the mouth. After inhaling, the vapors in lungs the user can exhale it through the nose or mouth.
  4. Feel the nicotine effect: nicotine present in e-cigs takes around 30 seconds to show its effects. Longer drags will result in producing more vapors, and stronger will be the nicotine hit.

Thousands of flavors are present in the e-liquids. The users can select flavor based on their likings. A tobacco-based flavor will have stronger effects whereas, and fruity flavors will give good taste and lighter ‘hit.’