Forget Pizza and Burger Experience the Real Taste of Turkish Cuisine in Istanbul

Byzantium which was later renamed as Istanbul is densely populated city of Turkey. Istanbul is also known for its historic, economic and cultural side. Now, it is well known for its history and leaves a huge impact on people as it is seen as a bridge connecting eastern and western world. Major part of tourism in this city is attracted by its historic monuments and coastal side resorts. It is considered the sixth famous tourist city in this world.

While residing in best hotels people also experience Turkish cuisine that is lot different in terms of flavor. The cooking techniques, spices and herbs are all different compared to other parts of the world. Hence, when you visit Istanbul don’t forget to take food tours Istanbul with your tourist guide. Their cuisine reflects every region with which it’s associated.

Here are few dishes that you would like to taste at least once entering the city –

  • Starting with the breakfast, you can always feel that you’re experiencing European style, but instead of tea you get coffee and tomatoes or cucumber is must with white bread. Breakfast will also include sucuk which is dried beef sausage with garlic and different spices as well as Borek which is thin film of dough wrapped and baked with minced meat, cheese and vegetables.
  • Menemen is egg omelet that is prepared with roasted onion, tomatoes, herbs, spices and is eaten with white bread.
  • Mezes are cold starters that are served with alcohol. There are varieties of Mezes available in a restaurant and you can select from the tray displayed by the waiter by tasting each of it.
  • Kuyu kebabi is a well-cooked male lamb in the hole over burning charcoal. The flavors come from the branches of pine tree which is also wrapped on it.
  • Iskender Kebap is a plate full of meat pieces that are seasoned with herbs, spices and grilled properly. This kebap is served with pita bread and yogurt.
  • Adana kebap is a male lamb less than a year of age, which is cleaned and covered with peppers and grilled properly to serve with bread.
  • Lufer is a big, yet tasty fish that is eaten with any flavored beverage.
  • Manti is just like dumplings, but very small in size which is served with cold yogurt as well as garlic.
  • Kunefe is a Turkish dessert where two layers of sweet dough is filled with sweet cheese and served hot so that melted cheese dissolves in your mouth.
  • Baklava is another Turkish dessert where the various coatings of phyllo dough is filled with pistachio, walnuts or hazelnuts and dipped in syrup.

Turkish cuisine reflects the royalty and classic style of people residing in that city for decades. If you ever want to get a regional feel, you should try their authentic cuisine instead of looking for pizzas and hams.