Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Table for Your Home

One of the most important parts of the furniture in your living room is a coffee table. In fact, for most people, coffee tables rank second — right after the sofa — when creating a shopping list for living room furniture. While choosing a coffee table to purchase may be an easy task for some, others find it grueling owing to the bewildering variety to pick from.

We can all agree that coffee tables are ubiquitous in Edmonton as well as the whole of Canada, so if you don’t have any preferences, it will be extremely easy for you to buy one. However, for those of us who are not okay with anything that can stand on its four legs and has a surface on top, there are numerous types of coffee tables in Edmonton to choose from. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a coffee table for your home.


When choosing the material of a coffee table, there’re two major factors to consider. Ask yourself two questions; how will the table be treated back at home? Does the material compliment my existing furniture? Don’t get a glass table if you have small children that like breaking stuff. If you are not a coaster user, don’t get a coffee table that needs coasters.


Most coffee tables are short; they are made to match or be slightly taller than the height of the sofa. Coffee tables in Edmonton are no different. Most of the time, homeowners are just fine with a coffee table that’s the same height or slightly taller than their sofas. If you want a taller coffee table, get one with a smaller diameter too for a more balanced composition.


Choose the shape of your coffee table depending on the type and size of the sofas in your living room. Large sectionals and other super modern sofas go well with round or square coffee tables. If you have a very long sofa, consider getting an oval or a rectangular coffee table, you can use the same if you have small love seats in your living room.

If you are trying to even out the shape up in your living — say it has harsh lines, or there are sharp lines — consider getting a round coffee table. These are the most important factors to consider when shopping for coffee tables in Edmonton. Of course, there are other factors to consider such as color and much more, but these are the most important considerations.