Do not press yourself too much!

All the cyclers are good at many things, but very bad in keeping the measure. They do not stop cycling, without thinking if they hurt their body. Sometimes, training becomes obsessive and they do not stop training even when their body rather than improving, it eventually gets worse.

However, this should not lead you to the the decision to stop the hard workouts. You need to push yourself, because that’s how the greatest improvements come. Of course, as we said before, no excesses are needed. There comes a time when you are constantly tired and feel you overdid it and then it is that you have to rest and give the body time to recover. Below, there are the top signs indicating that you overdo it with the workouts and you have to rest for some time.

You can not sleep. At first glance it may be quite paradox, but when the body is so tired by the workouts, sleep is the first thing that is disturbed. Insomnia, restless sleep, waking up tired, are all signs that you overdo it by training. Although the investigations are not clear whether a hard workout affects your sleep, continuous hard workouts are 100% sure to affect it.

Check your heartbeat. Many researches show us about high or very low heart rate during the day and everything is about hard workouts. If you overdo it, your heart rate may fluctuate at rest, either standing steadily higher than usual, or lower. Start tracking your heartbeat when you feel good to have a measure of comparison for those days that all seem to you as really hard to overcome.

You have no strength and stay back on easy walks. This is a great way that is going to help you, as you already know your performance and you will be able to notice greater differences in performance due to over-training. If, however, you do not have a pacemaker, then you can simply understand the tiredness if you feel that you «push” but not ride the bike. Whatever such days, however, it will be good either to go very loosely, just to say that you have gone out, or even better to sit and have a rest.

Your appetite is lost. It is definitely a symptom that cannot be mentioned as most of the athletes, when they come back from the workout; want to eat huge amounts of food. So if you see that you are finished your training but do not have an appetite for food, especially after spending 60-90 minutes, the best thing to do is leave the Danish bike for a few days in the warehouse.

You often suffer from injuries. Muscular injuries are harder when there is strain on already tough and tired muscles. So, if you’ve had continuous injuries in the past few months, then you should take at least a few days of rest to give your muscles the ability to “rebuild” and rest.

You get sick very often. Overtraining weakens the immune system and makes you more vulnerable to infections and colds. This is because after working out hard, all the functions of the immune system are temporarily suspended to make the body easier and quicker. But once this passes, the immune system becomes more energized. But when the body is overwhelmed by continuous training, then the immune system begins to subside.

Finally, if you have any doubts as to whether you have to train as you should or if you overdo it, you can do blood tests and, with the help of your doctor, see how your body acts. A bad day on the bike does not mean that you suffer from over-training and that you have to rest for a long time. However, many athletes, whether professional or not, who have been diagnosed with symptoms of overtraining, need 2-3 weeks until the body returns to normal, and cases where it took 10-12 months for the body to come back from continuing hard workouts