Business People and Sexual Harassment

Scandals of sexual harassment in the work place have been doing the rounds for ages now. But luckily it has dominated the media lately and has forced organisations and Business people to look into the matter leading to a powerful impact at work places.

Harassment cases happen in all sorts of industry, especially in the industries of garments where the women population working goes up to 70 percent.Paul Siderovski runs a reliable accounting firm and is a motivational speaker that can help business people improve their business acumen.   So what steps should a firm and its people take to ensure safety for women?

First and foremost one should implement a management system and comprehensive policy in order to prevent and respond to sexual harassment incidents. Although, many firms do have this policy on the paper but it’s crucial to let people know that it will be exercised. When people feel that they could get away with it and don’t find any threat of the consequences they tend to go ahead with the shameful activity. Make sure everyone knows that incidents like these will be reported and a strong action would be taken against it.

What are the factors that business people should involve in their anti-sexual harassment policy?

A clear and loud explanation of the conduct that is strictly prohibited

Certain assurance that people who participate in investigation or complaint will not suffer any retaliation

The process of complaint should be described clearly

Assurance that victim will take corrective and immediate action once the investigation on harassment occurs

As per Paul Siderovski, Leadership should be demonstrated in a way where sexual harassment would not be tolerated. Senior management truly plays a vital role in nurturing an environment where there is zero tolerance regarding this.

Consider having public programs, along with an increasing urban league, commerce chambers, college courses and seminars where business people come together to support this sensitive issue.

How does the policy help Business people?

In order to be safe from sexual harassment claims it is significant to educate everyone regarding this, and the easiest way to provide them with knowledge is through having anti-sexual harassment policy. It is to inform them regarding what is considered to be an inappropriate behaviour and if something of this sort has occurred then how to go about it.

Certain things business people should be careful about;

No inappropriate touching

Never do the dating game with the one who’s working for you.

Making suggestive comments or demeaning others is a strict no. What is humorous to few might offend others.

If situation arises;

If the firm faces such situation then one might try to solve it in the company itself, before the matter further goes to the courtroom. It will be wise if the chance is given to both the parties to share their story. Often it is the result of misunderstanding and can be resolved through a professional consultant of the company.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that sexual harassment is an important issue and generally people fear addressing it as they find it to be an end to their career, which would not be true if it’s dealt with properly.