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7 Best Manadonese Foods to Try

Manado, the gorgeous capital of North Sulawesi, hasn’t only stunned the worldwide trekkers with its colorful underwater world, but the meals with spices, seafood, and fresh veggies, is something substantial to take notice of for foodies.

Listed below are 7 Manadonese foods that you should try while you’re in the city.

Bubur Manado (Tinutuan)

The Tinutuan, known all around Indonesia as Manadonese Porridge, is a primary food in North Sulawesi. Tinutuan is a congee made from rice, sweet potato or cassava, pumpkin that’s cooked into pulp. Vegetables such as lemon basil, water spinach, or amaranth are added with corn kernels. There are also side dishes such as shallots, fried tofu, leeks, or fish.


Parende is traditionally only served during special occasions in Wakatobi. It is basically a fish soup made from freshly caught fish. The soup is made with sautéed lemongrass, turmeric, onions, and chili. Parende is somewhat similar to Tom Yam. Parende is usually eaten along with kasuami. Parende can be found in several warungs close to the beaches of Wakatobi.

Cakalang Fufu

Among the traditional Manadonese foods, one dish that you should try is the Cakalang Fufu. It is a smoked, preserved, and processed fresh skip-jack tuna is into various Fufus (hot Cakalang Fufu, coconut milk Cakalang Fufu, etc.). It’s great as a present.

Nasi Kuning Khas Manado

Even though Indonesia has many kinds of rice dishes, Nasi Kuning Khas Manado does possess a unique flavor and shape. Rather than being presented on a plate, the steamed bright raw grain is wrapped in the palm-like woka leaves. The dish is often accompanied by several side dishes such as beef or fish abon (made of beef fibers), boiled egg, plus a scattering of fried shallot.


Klappertaart is a traditional Manadonese cake that has a lot of influences. It’s the mix of young coconut flesh and custard, great to be savored while it’s chilled. The delicate and creamy feel tailored with the candy tastes is not easily forgotten. If you wish to test other variations, don’t hesitate to opt for the blueberry, cheese, and durian flavors.

Sambal Roa

In a glimpse, Sambal Roa is comparable to Cakalang Fufu. The principal distinction is based on the essential ingredient, with Roa fish (only located in the Celebes Sea). The beef is grilled, shredded, and chopped into tiny pieces. Then, the small fish chunks are sautéed with chopped tomato, chilies, garlic, and shallot. The seasonings are sugar and salt.


Gohu is a kind of papaya pickle, preferred by most inhabitants. The reddish-orange flesh of the fruits of the tropics is chopped lengthwise and uniquely blended with vinegar, water, grounded chilies, palm sugar, ginger, and bakasang (venomous fish eggs). This refreshing dish has a pleasant odor plus the mix of sweet, sour, and piquant tastes.