Warning shots at Spanish vessel by the RN

A Royal Navy ship fired warning flares at a Spanish Guardia Civil patrol boat off the coast of Gibraltar. The boat was in Gibraltar’s territorial waters, and was approaching a US nuclear submarine at the time. Image Credit Regular Incursions According to Gibraltar, incursions by Spanish vessels into the the British Overseas Territory’s waters are […]


Why Hire An SEO Consultant?

The introduction of the World Wide Web has changed the lives of people. Traveling around for shopping or socializing is a thing of the past, thanks to the ever-evolving Internet. Today, people prefer to chat, shop, and trade from the comfort of their home. While web-based platforms have presented the much-desired convenience, they’ve opened avenues […]


What to do when home alone?

The youth are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression. More than 50% of boys and girls are suffering through these problems because they are not doing sex and sex is one of the biggest relief to prevent anxiety or depression. If you are not able to make the girlfriend then don’t be worried and you […]